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Undercut Hairstyle

The Undercut is a men’s haircut and also men’s hairstyle that dates back to the early part of the twentieth century and the Second World War, where the Nazi Germans would get the Undercut as the most common men’s haircut. The SS in Nazi Germany were notorious for sporting Undercuts and gelling them back. Informally, an Undercut hairstyle may be referred to as a Jimmy Darmody hairstyle.

A SS Nazi German male with an Undercut hairstyle

The Undercut is nothing more than a bowl cut or bowl haircut, the name coming from this haircut being performed with a bowl on top of one’s head; this manner in which to get the haircut was very popular with mothers cutting their male children’s hair. The Undercut is indeed a bowl cut, only that the sides and back of the head are clipped very short unlike most bowl cuts that young boys get.

Jimmy Darmody with an undercut hairstyle

The Undercut is clipped with a hair clipper to a low guard (one to a three) while the hair is slicked back with hair gel or pomade. The hair can also be slicked at an angle or even to the side although the Undercut hairstyle looks its best slicked back or angled. The hair on top of the head for the Undercut can be up to six inches long.

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