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Fade Haircut for Men

The fade haircut is a popular men’s haircut that consists of tapering the hair length from the top of the head to the lower area of the head (i.e. nape). The length of the hair is decreased gradually so that the length of the hair is cut without any sharp edges; the fade is a smooth haircut.

A man with a regular fade haircut and short hair on his head

The fade can actually be divided into several types of fade haircuts

  • Regular fade haircut: the tapering of the hair goes all the way down to the hairline
  • High fade haircut: the tapering of the hair ends high on the scalp, one to two inches below the temples
  • Low fade haircut: the tapering ends one to two inches before reaching the hairline.

Variations of the fade haircut

The fade is a haircut in itself but it is also associated with other haircuts such as the high top fade haircut and the afro blowout haircut.

A fade haircut typical of a black men's hairstyle

  • High top fade haircut: the hair on the top of the head is trimmed vertically so it lays perpendicular to the scalp. The fade used is a high fade.
  • Afro blowout haircut: the hair on the top of the head is trimmed in layers so it is shaped around the head, with this being a usual haircut for a natural afro hairstyle. Any fade can be used for an afro blowout haircut although a low fade is very commonly used.

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