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Throughout time and history, men have worn all sort of hairstyles and haircuts. While the hair products used to style the hair and to cut the hair have indeed evolved since our primitive days, men do still have this evolutionary urge to not only look after and groom their hair but to also have it displaying all sorts of shapes and forms through its styling and trimming. In fact, real gentlemen do all they can to optimize their physical attributes including hair so as to be complete as males.

A high and tight hairstyle just performed as a military haircut at the barbershop

Unknown amount of hairstyles and haircuts

There is no official number for the amount of hairstyles and haircuts for men that currently exist. There are easily over thirty men’s hairstyles and over fifteen forms of men’s haircuts, and these figures are only for the more known hairstyles and haircuts as the number of super complex or untried of hairstyles and haircuts can run into the high double digits if not triple digits. According to Manly Curls ( the range of hairstyles increases exponentially with the different hair types and the site’s phenomenal guide on men’s curly hairstyles proves that every hairstyle possible has different forms according to the hair type! Even more, the length of the hair will also affect the range of hairstyles which is proven on Manly Curls’ short men’s hairstyles guide too.

All in all, men have at their disposal plenty of hairstyles and haircuts with which to satisfy their primal need to shape their hair with tools and their own hands.

Brad Pitt with his long hair put into a loose hairstyle for the movie Troy

The goal of this site is to showcase to you the many men’s hairstyles and haircuts available so that you can decide what to take to the barbershop and try on. Surely, women have so many more hairstyling options than men do, but that doesn’t mean that men are too avoid choosing suitable hairstyles and cool haircuts. Now that you are reading my words, I invite you to browse around this site and the external links so that you can learn about your own hair and the hairstyles and haircuts that have the potential to suit you as a male.

Looking forward to seeing you here.

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